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summermoon.Bangle, solid, Handmade , 999-Fine Silver
summermoon.Bangle, stone texture, solid ,Handmade ,999-Fine Silver
Fish hook, 0.7MM, 316L Stainless Steel
summermoon.C-Bangle, spiral, solid, 999-Fine Silver, Handmade
Jump Rings, brass
Post with Ring, Stainless Steel
Clasp, 304 Stainless Steel
Round Curved Tube, brass
bead, Brass, Brass
summermoon.Bangle, solid, Handmade
summermoon.Bangle, solid ,Handmade ,999-Fine Silver
bead, Brass, Brass


cell phone strap, Mixed
Bicones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (394)Caribbean Blue Opal
Bicones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (216)Green Turmaline
植絨珠, Mixed
Bicones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (207)Montana
Bicones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (391)Silk
Candy bead, acrylic, oval, Mixed
Finished Chain ( 2mm white Round rubber cord , Heart-Extender, 12mm copper clasp ), beige
Pendants, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (204)(Amethyst)
Pendants, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, (289)(Indian Pink)

Taiwan - Freight
  • There are different options to choose from, same shipment charges from 50 TWD.
  • The Shopping cart amount ( Not included Bulk packing of Austrian Crystal ) is over 2000TWD, Taiwan General delivery or Taiwan-In-store pickup,same shipment : 0 TWD
  • ( ps1 ). Please confirm that the "recipient information" is correct before submitting the order, and it must be consistent with the IDENTIFICATION. If a return occurs, the buyer needs to pay freight for the reship.
    ( ps2 ). Retention period for returned shipment: 30 days after we receive the returned shipment. When overdue we will not be responsible for storage and will not accept complaint.

  • Feel free to contact us by E-mail.
    Please contact us again, if you do not receive our reply within 36 hours on weekdays, and we suggest you provide us another email address when you contact us.
  • After confirming your transaction record, we will immediately process and send out your goods.
  • If you do not get the goods wthin 5 days (take Taiwan as example), Please contact us.
  • Any problem with the goods you received, Please contact us ASAP!
    ※After sending out goods for 7 days (take Taiwan as example), we are not responsible to the goods.
  • Once the order has been submitted, payment must be made within 7 days. Otherwise the Web system will "automatically" deletes order after 7th day.
  • If you 'd like to cancel the order you had submitted, Please email us with the
    (1).Order number:
  • We keep the right to cancel the order, when the buyer have bad records of consumption.
    The buyer will responsible for all remittance charge and refund charge , if the payment have remitted.


  • Products can not be returned or exchanged after delivery or shipping~
    Sorry for the inconvenience < ( _ _ ) >
    Thanks for your kindness
  • Please take a video of whole unpacking process.
    ※In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to record the whole process of unpacking.
    ※For wrong delivery, missing items, etc., please use the "complete video" as the basis, complete video's definition is from the state of unopened bag/box.
    ※The video needs to clearly shoot the unopened state, unpacking process, commodity, etc.
    ※The video must provide "original clear unboxing video", fast-forwarded or edited videos are not acceptable.
    ※If you have any concerns about the product, please inform us within three days from the date you recive the package. Please attach the order number and complete video file. Overdue will not be accepted.

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