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Each monitor has different color tones.
The Goods of different size and different shipment is likely to be different in color.

  About this type of products
Light up our life, more smile and touching, with positive vibes.

Handmade product. Each one is unique and different.
Customized product, which requires 2–20 working days with holidays excluded.

We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products.

summermoon.sandbeach-Bangle, solid ,Handmade ,999-Fine Silver
Materials: 999-Fine Silver

Measurement of Cuff in the Photo of reference
Inside Diameter : approx. 50MM
Width : approx. 5MM
Depth : approx. 2MM

A Logo of a small sun as positive vibes and a 999-number as Fine Silver will be hand stamped.

Custom-made order is welcome.
please provide the following information.
  Inner width of cuff, e.g. : 60MM
  The distance of opening, e.g. : 25MM
I will qoute ASAP.

The size of item is approximate value.  
( If there is no particular description , 1 in bag = 1 piece in bag. )
spec. : spec. : about 50mm(Inner Width), 25mm(Open), 5MM(Wide), 2MM(Depth)
1 in bag 3200TWD