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Position : Beads > Austrian Crystals & SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & Zirconia > 5301 or 5328 Bicone
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Each monitor has different color tones.
The Goods of different size and different shipment is likely to be different in color.

  About this type of products
 5301 & 5328,2.5mm

 5328 XILION : 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm

5328 is the upgrade  of  5301.
The size of item is approximate value.  
( If there is no particular description , 1 in bag = 1 piece in bag. )
spec. : 2.5mm
10 in bag 40TWD qty
50 in bag 157TWD qty
100 in bag 282TWD qty
300 in bag 755TWD qty

spec. : 3mm
10 in bag 41TWD qty
50 in bag 160TWD qty
100 in bag 288TWD qty

spec. : 4mm
10 in bag 45TWD qty
50 in bag 179TWD qty

spec. : 5mm
10 in bag 62TWD qty
50 in bag 250TWD qty
100 in bag 450TWD qty
300 in bag 1199TWD qty

spec. : 6mm
10 in bag 90TWD qty
30 in bag 240TWD qty
50 in bag 363TWD qty
100 in bag 655TWD qty
200 in bag 1161TWD qty

spec. : 8mm
[ Promo! ] 2 in bag 35TWD qty
[ Promo! ] 12 in bag 170TWD qty
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