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Each monitor has different color tones.
The Goods of different size and different shipment is likely to be different in color.

Round Tube, brass
about 10MM(L) x 1.7MM(hole) x 2MM(D)
about 15MM(L) x 1.7MM(hole) x 2MM(D)
about 20MM(L) x 1.7MM(hole) x 2MM(D)
about 25MM(L) x 1.7MM(hole) x 2MM(D)
The size of item is approximate value.  
( If there is no particular description , 1 in bag = 1 piece in bag. )
spec. : 10mm
10 in bag 10TWD qty

spec. : 15mm
10 in bag 15TWD qty

spec. : 20mm
10 in bag 20TWD qty

spec. : 25mm
10 in bag 25TWD qty